Actually a pretty decent car, according to most people grand am's are total shit. But you see those people have no idea how to take care of a god damn car. later Grand am's where equipped with eco tecs, twin cams, and 3400 v6's. The Grand am gt was surprisingly quick and was more than fast enough to shit on your town's local honda civic ricers.
Grand am's are great cars.
dude 1:Damn dude that grand am gt just kicked that civics ass!

dude 2: Well yeah grand am gt's are pretty quick
by Pontibro September 15, 2012
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a car made by Pontiac, GM, good engine compact but has a lot of room, and really fast.
damn did you see that car what was it? it went by so fast that i didn't see it.

it was a grand am
by kathyylynn July 18, 2008
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a car made by pontiac with the sole purpose of high expectations and low turnout. features include but are not limited to: broken ac, blown head gaskets, shitty paint, hole ridden carpets, falling headliners, turning signals that cut off the engine, and turn activated horns.
that car is such a fucking grand am
by akira235 September 1, 2008
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A car made by Pontiac with features such as: broken a/c, broken turn signal, broken dome light, and no power anything.
My Grand Am turned to shit just months after the lease expired and I bought the damn thing.
by DBDB58 July 17, 2008
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To pull the emergency brake in a car, most often on an icy surface, causing the car to spin 180 degrees quickly.
We pulled a Grand Am Maneuver in Luke's Omni down at the park.
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
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Cheaply built, cheaply priced, low budget interior and butt ugly exterior make this perhaps the worst built 4 door car ever sold in North America. Who ever was responsible in engineering the grand am between (1993-2004) should be shot.
"oh man, check out that car... (sighs) oh its a pontiac grand am.. boo
by kartic May 23, 2006
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