Grand Hustle is an American record label formed by Clifford ("T.I.") Harris and Jason Geter in 2003. The label is being distributed by Asylum Records and Atlantic Records. The label includes artists TI, P$C, Young Dro, Governor, Big Kuntry, Xtaci, Alfamega, and Rashad.
Young Dro just released his debut album from Grand Hustle.
by Heather B October 17, 2006
'Grand'(adjective) means big, large, or huge. 'Hustle'(verb or noun) literally means to hurry or work harder. However, used in the urban connotation, hustle means to grind or to get something quickly. That something could be money or just anything one wants or needs. So, grand hustle is defined as being on a big mission to get what you want or need.
I'm on a grand hustle to get money for college.
by Tasca June 9, 2006
Grand Hustle Thursday is a weekly celebration of all things T.I. and Grand Hustle. Usually beginning with power showers and other forms of pre-gaming, Grand Hustle Thursday is replete with poppin' bottles, letting one's beats pound, having each other's backs, living one's life, and, most of all, doing whatever one likes.

The first Grand Hustle Thursday was held October 16, 2010 at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas.
Friend 1: Are you staying in to study tonight, or are you going to Grand Hustle Thursday?

Friend 2: Def going to Grand Hustle Thursday! I gotta rep my boy T.I.!
by StraightCaa$hHomie January 7, 2011
one who hustles, hits it, and quits it
grand hustle zaggin that soulja boy hoooooooooe. yooooooooou!
by harold sniff May 20, 2008