1.One of the few places in the world that still has a Riffs.

2.Where the people of Bay d'Espoir are born
1.I bought a sweet pair of Reebok tear aways yesterday at Riffs.

2. I am so happy I was born in Grand Falls and not in the St. Alban's ambulance on the way over.
by melonball January 7, 2009
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THE GREATEST CITY ON EARTH! Second biggest falls in Canada. Widest Broadway in the world. The only Bilingual town in the only Bilingual province of Canada. :) BEAST!
I love Grand Falls. Talk about fun times in the Maritimes.
by brianna.lynn. April 11, 2011
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a powerful sex move where you force your sexual partner to stop pissing for months, and then fuck them so hard they start pissing everywhere. This simulates the pollution of the Chinese rivers and falls.
why is Jessica holding in her piss? She's waiting for the grand falls of china.
Me and my girlfriend just had the grand falls of china, cleaning the room was annoying, but it felt amazing.
by Rocket sex November 15, 2020
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