A funny little word that you may hear your english teacher may use to imply that s/he is religious in regard to grammar. I've always taken it to mean that your grammar will be corrected without remorse.
My english teacher swears she's a devout Grammarian.
by Chris R March 8, 2006
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A grammarian is a person who believes that they have some type of mastery over the English language. Most times, they are misguided in this belief and come across as an asshole. The grammarian is related (by marriage, not blood) to the grammar nazi.
"I am a grammarian and have studied the ancient languages from Latin to Romulan, thusly, I have quite the command over the English language and a period does not go at the end of a sentence."
by Bobbert Smift October 17, 2015
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that one person that ALWAYS corrects you hence the word grammarian
u fuckin grammarian
by Hi :p March 17, 2018
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