Hybrid of "Gray" and "Rainy" usually pertaining to the typical weather conditions in the Pacific Northwest. Also describes the visual appearance of forementioned weather as the light rain looks similar to that of film grain in old black and white movies.
Question: "What is the weather like up there in Seattle today"

Answer: "Grainy"
by r3d5h1r7 April 08, 2009
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Grainy is little particles or grains that show up when you are painting ext..
by Carson C August 18, 2020
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bitch-like; extremely passive; and homosexual

(Guaranteed to confuse ghetto people)
sweet #8

Ay son you heading to john's?
Naw he too grainy.

Man stop touching me. You and your grainy-ass.
by CusakDaBaws April 02, 2010
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adjective used to describe things that are becoming beat or lame as hell.
This party is grainy.

"A party, after party 'til it started to get grainy"
by D-Man 16 February 17, 2007
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having sex with a post-op transexual whom you fully believe to be a woman..
i did body shots out of that grainy tunnel all night / read i hope they serve beer in hell
by Shmanye west October 16, 2011
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When your fucking a girl from behind real hard and your dick accidently slips out of her pussy and tears into her ass.
She yelped like a chihuahua when I gave her a Grainy Surprise.
by FilthyMan69 March 29, 2006
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An absolute beast of a man he will eat u for a snack he is unstoppable his nickname is the Grainger ranger he is destroyer of all
Mr Grainy is coming throw away your zhoot
by BALD MARTIN October 03, 2019
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