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An adventure competition, which involves doing insane things for a chance to find the Grail. The winning team gets up to $1,000,000. Teams consist of four players, varying in traits like (but not limited to): athletics, geekiness, intelligence, popular culture knowledge, networking, fearlessness, iron will, and craziness.

Teams are known for having "Grailer" written across their foreheads, taking stressful and awkward situations in stride, and being very tired.
Man: "Hey! We should do the Grailer this year!"
Chick: "Hell yeah, dude! Let's get our team together!"

Girl: "Daddy can I do the Grailer this year?"
Daddy: "No. Ask me when you're a badass."
by bboymcx March 21, 2016
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Young fella with a penchance for smoking copious amounts of cock. Also known for his inability to kill You Dance, even though You Dance is on dialup and grailer has cable.

by Johnnie McWasted February 18, 2003
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