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really nice, funny person. sexiest of all. never let a girl as hot as her go past you and not bang her hard. sex is always great with her!!! could win miss america with beauty and talent.
i know..." "i bet her name is Gracyn
by Cal Dick April 13, 2011
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Gracyn, Is one of the girls that can make anyone laugh. She is normally a very happy person but if you make her mad she will almost kill you. She is very intelligent.She is a great friend. If you ever became her friend she would make sure that if you were sad and someone hurt you and you told her she will hunt them down and find them and hurt them to make sure that they won't hurt you EVER again. She shines brighter than every star in the sky
Kingsley: " Wow that is Gracyn"
Carmella:"I love this girl like my own sister"
by Litlife23 May 02, 2018
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The sweetest human being on the planet. She is extremely kind and has a massive heart full of love. She will compliment you until the day she dies. She may not be right beside you 24/7 but she will talk to you all day everyday. She is beautiful inside and out. Long brown hair and the prettiest smile. She will always have your back and support you 100%. She is the best friend ever and she deserves the world.
Gracyn is my best friend and I love her so much!
by ibflove33 July 02, 2018
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Gracyn is a very un phenomenon person. She is very dirty and refuses to wash her hair and shave her legs for at least a week. She is also a very confused person. She never really catches on to what is being taught.
When I hugged gracyn the other day she reaked of a dirty jungle beast and urine.
by Joshlatley September 24, 2017
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