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Graceann is an amazing and unique person. She claims to be shy, but does like to chat a lot and help people when they need it. She cares about what she does and her friends and family around her. That being said, she is very stubborn when she doesn't get what she wants and things don't go her way, but she never means any harm. Grace is amazing at softball and always makes sure she has good grades. She is very bossy at times also, but it's always for the good reason. She likes to drink Carmel Frappuccino when she is up late night doing her homework and when she wants to relax she plays a bit of MC. She is also afraid of heights, although not sure how true that statement is. She has very annoying friends but she learns how to put up with them as her friends also learn how to put up with her. She is an Amazing Friend, hope we continue talking and being very good friends and I am glad I got to know her. :)
"Who is that"
"Its GraceAnn!"
"Makes sense"
by Yukkiooo August 27, 2016
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Grace Ann means that you are kind, funny, gullable, cool, awesome, sporty, smart, great, love the emoji😂, and have a huge heart!❤️
by GAT_the Great August 02, 2016
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"i have to go take a grace ann."
"don't ever let grace ann's nasty ass get near me"

"ew grace ann"
"oh i stepped in shit oh wait its just grace ann"
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"only a desperate ass guy would like grace ann"
by dicksuckingcumslut November 05, 2016
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