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The word ingozi means danger in xhosa, the style originating from southern africa.

A person interested in a fashion style characterised usually by having a fullet (fashion mullet) hairstyle, lot's of studded belts and a raw attitude. They usually seem to have a problem with everything and everyone and spend most of their time complaining about how the world is going to the pits. Usually vegetarian and eco friendly.

Makeup on girls is usually basic with lots of concealer to achieve flawless skin appearence, in addition to dark smokey eyes, skin is usually tanned with bright red lips.

Wardrobe usually consisits of pleather jackets, spiked belts, patterned shoes, (although girls usually go for bright red heels to match lips), homemade jewelry, hazard sign patches on bag, and buttons of favourite bands.
Gozi girl - "Dude wtf? Haven't you ever heard of recycling?

Boy - "It's just a can."

Gozi girl - "blah blah carbon footprint...blah blah blah...environment..." Threaghtens with sledgehammer.

Boy - "Man, you're so gozi right now"
by bexiebabe August 02, 2009
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