So like yesterday, I went to the club, and... dude, there was this Gothapotamus there, she had to weigh like 400 pounds! FUCK!!
by Anonymous November 8, 2003
An extremely fat and un-attractive goth/emo chick that obviously lacks the constant blood drainage. Arguably the most off putting group of females.
"This metal club is horrible. If I see another gothapotamus, I'M GOING TO CUT MYSELF!!!"
by Phil Gee January 14, 2009
a very rotund, gothic mythical beast.

has a serious problem with bloating and fat content.

it floats in water.

can be a pet to a goth person and there are strict leash laws that the owner must follow.

is normally silent unless munching.
gothapotamus exibit:

*at a zoo*

"the gothapotami (plural) are loose!!! everyone run!"

-apropriate screams and disorganized exiting-

"they will eat you all!! ahhhh-"

*nohm nom nom*
by panda_snack August 12, 2009
An extremely large (if not totally obese) goth person.

The fattest goth you've ever seen.

A morbidly obese person who tries to secure a position in a social group by picking the most outcast group they can think of; this last few years that's been the goths.
Dressed as such merely for the advantage of "fitting in" with another set of people other than the rest of the hippos.
Shay is such a friggin' gothapotamus! I wish she would just put down the twinkies & take shower. I sooooo don't want to try to outrun the police in a graveyard with her!
by pookita September 3, 2009