To obtain a large amount of money.
"I got a bag, but I ain't braggin'/I know these niggas mad because i'm swaggin'" - Ballout, "I Got a Bag"
by Earnestp August 5, 2017
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Got money, chasing money and getting money.
I got that bag on me so I'm going to cash out at the Gucci store
by Cookie97! March 14, 2017
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What you say to your teammates when you are about to lose in a game. Usually followed by a lot of points, resulting in winning, unless you are playing golf. Then you get lower scores.
Team 1 and Team 2 are playing basketball. Team 2 is losing by 2 points. (4 basketball points.)
Team 1: Ha! Try winning now, Assholes.
Team 2 (one person to the other): Don't worry. We've got this in a bag.
Team 2 proceeds to make 6 basketball points. They win the game.
by TheOriginalHobo April 6, 2013
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