To get dismissed, rejected, kicked out, or terminated from a group, business, etc. due to a personal or professional dislike of you.
I Got Cancelled from my job last week because my managers never liked my ideas in team meetings.
by jondich March 19, 2021
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When an amazing and productive member of society suddenly is assulted by the shitstorm of angry, gay, They/them, 'BLM', white girl, 16 year old furries.

(These are the same people who think its okay to let little children gender swap despite the long-term serious health defects. Including, Low Spem Count, Infertility, High Risk of Cancer, Dangerously Low Hormones, etc.)
Rick: Looks like those shitbags are attempting to cancel Markiplier who raised $500,000 for the homeless in under 24 hours in 2019.
Morty: Oh man! We really need to update our Twitter Cleanser 1000!! I DON'T THINK ITS WORKING RICK!!!
Rick: DAMN IT MORTY HE'S TRENDING!!! Its too late... He got cancelled---
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