A song by Missy Elliot. The chorus by the kids of Widney High is often misinterpreted. See Example for lyrics to chorus.
Whozoo? (who?)
My gizzurl.
Whalzinga izzat? (whos that?)
Its okizzay. Its allrizzight. Its okizzay. Its allrizzight.
Nizzow wizzee wizzil silzee. (Now we will see)
by SG April 2, 2003
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Pretty good song. Coincidently, I am listening to it now. Rapped by Missy Elliot and Ludacris.
by bastardized bottomburp May 16, 2003
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scieuzee scuizou scuezeyy sciouza scieuuzuu wizzell wrizee
something like excuse me but i gotta go peee. haha
by tenzin jampa April 4, 2003
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People that participate in the spread of gossip.
She's such a gossip folk. She told all her friends that I sleep around.
by Varun Rajendran May 13, 2006
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