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Australian slang, native origins mostly used in Qld/NT, meaning shit.


The 'oo' like you would any Australian word, think of the sound 'ou' makes in the word 'would'.


Man.. I really gotta go do a goona ay.
by mouldyole March 23, 2010
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A person from the New Zealand town of Rangiora. Also known by the young locals as "Goon"
"You from Goon aye?"

"Yeah, I'm a Goona"
by Chilli Billy Bean May 15, 2010
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person 1:hey, what happened to my goona?

person 2: sorry man, Rachel got to it
by L28M August 11, 2009
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Slang for 'going to' a.k.a. gonna
One day i am goona go to The Offspring concert.
by A.J.H. March 21, 2007
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Mainly used by queenslanders. Can be used as both an insult or term of endearment. Goona is Aboriginal for shit/poo/faeces. Kind of like dag.
what are you up to today goona head?

I love you goona head

You're such an idiot and goona head combined.
by siddyisrad March 20, 2011
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