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Searching the internet to the answer to a question. Then you find a forum where your question has already been asked, only to find old posts of people telling people to "Google It".
When searching what video card I should use in my Mac Pro 2010, the GTX 580 or the GTX 680, I found a forum where the question had already been asked, one of the answers given to this question what to "google it".

"570/580 are better for Pro/CUDA apps than 670/680, well established fact.
Sometime with Google will help you out"

"I should say that I only found this post from Googling, just to find it says to Google it. I'm stuck in a Googleloop. Help!"
by Dj Twelvizm September 01, 2014
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A Googleloop is a endless trail of crumbs you follow when trying to report a broken link in Google, or some similar simple task complicated by by the placment of seeming endless instructions to solve some other simple problem that has been amassed in a Goliath cyst of links to nowhere.
"I tried to respond to the Google request but got stuck for hours in their Googleloop, then gave. Is there no quality control in their planning."
by citzen-detainee November 02, 2012
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