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Going to Google's site when you are unsure if your internet is working. If Google comes up, then you know you have a connection.
Lindsay: Its weird, I can't get to or, but I have internet.

Paris: How do you know you have internet?

Lindsay: I did a Google check.
by Deepthoughts January 30, 2012
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The use of Google to make sure that the stuff you are jacking off the internet, and then rewording, does not show up in at least the first two pages of the search. Thus, ensuring that the alert yet lazy professor does not catch you stealing paragraphs of information online.
Richard: Gosh, how in the world will I finish this term paper by tomorrow!
Gary: It's simple Dick (no pun intended), just copy & paste something and reword it. Oh, and I would Google check just to be sure.
by SlumDog ZnyuZ December 07, 2009
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