googas is cat under a tap and not a freaking caracal in the snow
by hyperlobo March 14, 2021
A meme about a cat named Googas taking a bath :)
That cat Googas looks funny while getting water poured on his head
by Huncho_boiyo March 12, 2021
A particulaly naive or moronic person, usually below the age of 16
"That googas really thought KFC was made in England"
by latissismus August 2, 2020
a video of a cat getting water poured on it
man I love the googas cat he is funny
by GoogasPasta July 3, 2021
Usually someone acting in a moronic and undesirable manor, spends too long in discord (big up bossman army) and described as quite stupid.
“that googas right there is off on one
by swag egg August 6, 2020
1 a unit of measurement meaning 39.75 feet.

2 a measurement of time for 12.13 minutes.

3 a synonym for 13.

4 a curse word meaning mother of cows.

5 a brand of water bottles.

6 a word referring to any part of your body.

7 a green liquid that occasionally leaks out of your left ear.

8 a disease that causes your toes to fall off.
My house is down the road and 2 googas.
See you in half a googa.
My son just turned googa today.
My boss is such a googa.
Don’t forget your googa, you’ll need it after running.
Ow! I just stubbed my googa.
Billy leaked googa on the floor again.
by Not Evan Miller November 6, 2020
An extremely unattractive girl or woman that almost all men sleep with at some point when they really need to get laid or have been drinking heavily. Also see goblin
I'm bringing the googa monster over to the house so I can put it on her
by Matt damen December 2, 2006