An acceptance and enjoyment of a fact. Often said in in determined solidarity. The T at the end phonetically hardens the D and exemplifies the finality of the persons sentiment. Goodt is currently an emerging slang in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
You: "Hey Tammy I heard that *insert country of distaste* is going through economic turmoil."
Tammy: "Goodt"


You: I just passed my exam

Tony: Goodt, congratulations.
by yemen-ayt March 2, 2015
Performing exceptionally well in the music-simulation video game "Pop'n Music"
"You did really goodt on that Pop'n Music song."
by Foxx Michael October 22, 2005
An expression used to show mild satisfaction.
A: 'Hey, did my toast just pop up?'
B: 'Yeah, smells tasty!'
A: 'Goodt'
by lolgoot June 9, 2010