When an object is just enough out of reach that would require energy to mobilize yourself to retrieve.
Me: *drops pen*
*attempts to pick up with foot*
Eh, Gone forever.
by cee-em-kay April 14, 2011
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A phrase used to describe when something or someone is gone forever, like Aaron Hernandez.
"You think she's the one?"
"Nah, Im just trynna hit it once then I'm Gone forever, Aaron Hernandez."
by fijihasbiggay November 12, 2020
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Meaning when a guy does something either mentally or physically to a female and she can't handle it she turns into a "bad girl" nine outta ten times.
"Shanti was goin wit Mondo man and she was so caught up. Thought he was quote on quote "that nigga" and he fucked her head up. Now she a bad girl. Gamen niggas left and right and bein a lil hoe about it"
by Holl@Early May 29, 2005
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