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It is the name of a tall girl with an afro. It refers to the second name of a girl, Faith, who's got fire memes up her sleeve at any given time.
Gomolemo thought it wise to use as a valid source to reference english words but little did she know...
by The Fool... May 19, 2018
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This girl is a hoe. This chick cannot keep her shit to herself, she's probably fucked everybody's boyfriend. She LOOKS innocent, but she's far from that. She is usually hella cute, brown skinned or dark skinned and typically short and she got ass. She bad ass and doesn't take nonsense when it comes to bitches shitting on her but she can be mad fake...
Her life motto is to eat and throw back but she likes to hoard some side dick from time to time. Do not try her, she will kill you.
Friend: Ayo, check this girl bro.
Me: I know that bitch, I tapped her ass and she aight call me back.
Friend: SHIT, whats her name?
Me: Gomolemo, she cold as fuck.
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by kg* September 30, 2018
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