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In the world of Archeage, it is considered the act of deceiving, extorting, manipulating, and starving entire colonies from their gold, coinpurses, and resources.
Goldmist has entered the area, please leave in a unified manor or else you will be killed on site. This area belongs to Goldmist. Thank you.
Aye yo dawg, lets go to freedich to run some packs.
(20 minutes later)
Goldmist- Yo dawg you owe me compamasation for my lost packs.
Person 1- Dude, you wanted to go to the island when you knew that there were pirates in the first place and they destroyed the ship
Goldmist- IDC i dun give a fk give me my packs and tell him to fix his ship
Person 1- Really are you Goldmisting us?
by APEX February 19, 2015
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