Typically a punk 11 year old with more knowledge about the current season of Fortnite than basketball. Spotting a Golden State fan is not hard, they typically have a suspect picture of Steph Curry as their lockscreen, swear Draymond Green is All-NBA and that Ayesha Curry is not “mid”.

They also refer to “The Bay” as somewhere they have been before when they, in fact, have not. Due to this capping, they will fail to mention that “The Bay” is a cesspool of addicts and thieves that will never maintain the prestige or quality-of-living that the citizens of Southern California enjoy.

If the Golden State fan in question is not an 11 year old, chances are he is a nerd with his own website that has never played competitive basketball.
Brad: “yo did that guy really just say Ayesha was a 7/10?”

Jack: “I think so.. he must be a Golden State fan.”

Hayden: “Lebron might be better than Jordan, what do you think?”

Golden State fan in a high pitched nagging voice: “the fact that Steph isn’t even in the conversation is ridiculous. We will debate more when I’m done breastfeeding.”
by Meetavneet May 18, 2022
typically a bandwagon piece of shit with low intellect and have just recently been exposed to stooph carry AKA stephanie curry and snake durag AKA kevin dipshit.these know-it-all frick heads are the parasitical scum of the NBA and we need to exterminate every single one of these pieces of shit and throw them onto a desert island with no food.
golden state warriors fans:
bandwagoner:HAHA stooph carry and snake durag are the best duo in the league!MVP MVP,we are going to win the championship!
REAL NBA fan:Name one other player in the warriors that isn't in the starting line up
bandwagoner: ...
bandwagoner: i have no idea because i'm the scum of the NBA and need to extradited to a desert island with no food or resources
by Murphy1144 June 3, 2019
Past Los Angeles Laker fans that are currently Golden State Warrior fans. A bandwagoner.
Someone in 2010: Laker Nation!

Same Person in 2017: Dub Nation!

“I could’ve swore you were a Laker fan 7 years ago. You’re a Golden State Laker fan!”
by ButterflyDesign May 17, 2018