2 definitions by Murphy1144

typically a bandwagon piece of shit with low intellect and have just recently been exposed to stooph carry AKA stephanie curry and snake durag AKA kevin dipshit.these know-it-all frick heads are the parasitical scum of the NBA and we need to exterminate every single one of these pieces of shit and throw them onto a desert island with no food.
golden state warriors fans:
bandwagoner:HAHA stooph carry and snake durag are the best duo in the league!MVP MVP,we are going to win the championship!
REAL NBA fan:Name one other player in the warriors that isn't in the starting line up
bandwagoner: ...
bandwagoner: i have no idea because i'm the scum of the NBA and need to extradited to a desert island with no food or resources
by Murphy1144 June 3, 2019