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Acting erratically and disgracefully out of rage, jealousy, frustration, or other unwelcome feelings. Used primarily in and around gaming culture.
M. Bison: "You're not going turbo, are you?"

Online Gamer 2: "Relax, dude, I'm just good at this game. No need to go turbo."
by Gashmaster May 03, 2014
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1.Drinking or doing drugs extremely too much,to go into manic punk mindset.
2.Referring to"Jeff was a complete asshole last night,he drank way to much whiskey and went Turbo!
Was coined by Brad Garrett and Matt Renicks
Listening to Turbo Negro and so coind the Going Turbo thing.
Jim was hanging out at the party and drank a bunch of mad dog 20/20 and went through the neighborhood creating havoc,he was Going Turbo!
by MattRenicks December 14, 2008
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When you about to bust a phat nut and you stick ur fingers up your bum and it shoots out.
Mate I just had the best wank friend1: what did you go turbo u big gay me: .....

I’ asked my girlfriend to make me go turbo

I am going turbo.
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by Mannuttedfast March 23, 2019
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