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A Godzillion is a number exceeding all other numbers.
I have a Godzillion things to do before the meeting!
by I, Wreckerrr October 16, 2016
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The largest number ever. The monster of numbers.

Invented by Jonathan Goldstein and spoken of on the CBC Radio show "Wiretap"
Jonnie's friend won a Godzillions dollars in the lottery last week
by Bob Goatu January 18, 2010
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A quantity so large, no one in Japan wants to understand or comprehend it's size.
More than a Japanese Shit-load, but slightly less than a Fuck-ton.
1. This project is so screwed, it will take a godzillion dollars to fix it.
2. You can give her a godzillion reasons why, but she will never believe sleeping with her sister was an accident.
by Lars the Irreverent June 05, 2017
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