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Someone who has allowed the metaphysical and most hateful elements of religion to dominate their lives and thoughts, and feel compelled to impose their dogma upon the rest of society. Not all religious people are Godwhacks.
A group of godwhacks from Westboro Baptist Church demonstrated outside the funeral of Presbyterian minister Fred Rogers, because the host of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood never said bad things about homosexuals.
by Ian December 07, 2004
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Level ninety-nine bible humpers.
People obsessed with religion and related dogma,
generally hate homosexuals, and are secretly racist.
Think everybody should be their religion, focus on nothing but god, and believe all music besides Christian rock, or the religious equivalent is "satanic", particularly rap, country, and raggae.
Crazy: Jesus is teh b0mb.
Normie: Yeah, he is/was.
Crazy: M0rmons pwnz, join our cult?
Normie: No waaaii! D:
Crazy: Then burn in hell, you homosecksickle!
Normie: No, leave me alone! You friggin' godwhacks! GTFO!
by Wet Willeh', argh! October 09, 2007
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