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actually, godsflesh is a very specific mushroom, it is NOT any mushroom nor is it LSD, it is Psilocybe Mexicana, and specifically it is Guadalajara Jalisco from amoungst them. All Psilocybes are sacred, but Guadalajara Jalisco is extremely so, it is the Holy Grail, literally.

it is said that it allows the eater to see through flesh, and to allow the eater to physically see whats wrong with a sick person, it is mother natures X-Ray. the Mayans were drilling holes in peoples heads to release hemoraging on the brain hundreds of years ago, and we have scientific proof of that. So how did they know WHERE to drill the hole without killing the victim? now you know.

It is also said to be able to induce "hive mind" meaning that all within range that are also under its influences can see and hear your thoughts and you theirs, it is a catalyst for E.S.P., especially under the moon of the dog days, when Sirius is strongest (the "Dog-Star").

This mushroom literaly puts you in a realm where all that will ever be has already been, allowing for literally "seeing through".
numbers 11:4 and the mixed multitude that was amoung them, fell a lusting, and the children of Israel also wept again, and said, who shal give vs flesh to eate?

godsflesh IS the holy sacrament.

see exodus 13:21 & 22,
by Rising Sun November 16, 2013
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That fucking smooth brain put his shirt on backwards again...

That smooth brain is dumber than a pile of shit.
by Tip Tank May 14, 2011
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*Very Controversial*
Can be either religious or sexual:

Religious: God's flesh is sacred. Similar to Jesus' flesh. Very holy and should be regarded above all else.

Sexual: A penis worthy of God's approval. Usually large but proportional.
Godsflesh should be considered very holy and sacred.

So many women want me. I got Godsflesh down there.
by godsflesh55 November 03, 2010
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psychadelic mushrooms! these are amazing. best drug hands down. you achieve and amzing body high and your eyes turn into kaleidascopes! truely a life changing experience.
guy 1: I went to the beach yesterday and did God's flesh! Want to come with me next time I do it?

guy 2: No man, drugs are bad for you.

guy 3: Too bad so sad. God's flesh is amazing!
by Onethird June 21, 2010
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