I coined this term in 1993. It is a derivitive of the Gott brand ice chest. As we became more discombobulated Gott became goat, thus goated.
by 60 central February 16, 2008
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getting goated means getting fucked so hard that you end up ramming your head into the headboard so agressively, goat milk practically spurs out of you.
Bro, Emma is getting goated this weekend.

They had a threesome and took turns getting goated.
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by mareefleema July 26, 2018
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Me and the bois are G.O.A.Ted

Greatest of all time being used like calling yourself the goat we are G.O.A.Ted
NFL recruiter: man those boys sure are G.O.A.Ted
by Call4915111callreadies December 19, 2020
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Me and the boys are G.O.A.Ted at EVERYTHING we do

They are the greatest of all time
NFL recruiter dude: man those boiis are G.O.A.Ted at everything they've been doing out here today

Random Joe: they sure are
by Call4915111callreadies December 17, 2020
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Who are you?

Stone Foster

What are you?

Bro check out my YouTube channel, I swear I’m the most goated fortnite player out there.
by FaZedouGhnut34 November 27, 2019
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When you pretend your not jealous of a marriage while being their best friend, only to later convince one of them to leave their significant other for you
Buddy was so close I called him my brother and he fucking goated me.
by Consummate Hate June 11, 2021
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The act of being G.O.A.T.E.D: Greatest Of All Time Every Day!
'You are Goated bro'
by YTDEZZA December 03, 2019
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