Derogative terms used by surfers to denote kayakers attempting to surf/drown/maim in the ocean. If you thought stand up paddlers were bad, just wait till you have the same mass bearing down on you, with the addition of a bright fluoro color to show, that no matter what you do, whether you paddle away or duck dive, that you are fucked, and your next two weeks of pay is going on a replacement board rather than the (insert exotic surf destination of your choice). FUCK! I WAS GOING TO GO TO INDO!!!!
"Hi, I'd like to cancel my flight to Indonesia please" -You
"Ok, that'll cause you to lose your deposit, which is $400." -Airline representative
"Argghhhhh!" -You
"Can I enquire as to why you cancel your flight, perhaps I can arrange an alternative" -Airline representative
"Fucking Goat Boat" -You
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A female member of the US Navy stationed on a sea-going vessel. Usually one who uses her sexuality to advance herself in the workplace. Often interchanged with the words slut and whore.
I can't believe Smith flirted with our boss to get out of work today! She's such a fuckin' boat goat.
by gto2000five April 14, 2010
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"Goat in a Boat" is a group of 3 best friends named: Johaina, Loinette, and Anoshty. They are crazy, out of their mind, and probably have corona. Loinette is a psychopath that thinks about killing people. Johaina hase gone insane in this crisis and started dressing like a girl and making voice notes. Anoshty is happa that her Mom's aunt died and her other aunt lodt her memory. Over all Goat in a Boat are Bitches that nobody cares about.
Stay away from Goat in a Boat or you are going to catch their weird disease.
by I am fery much crazy July 1, 2020
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