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An energy drink created by a mixture of Mountain Dew, 5 Hour Energy, and any variety of energy drink ( including Monster, Redbull, Rockstar, Nos, etc.) Side effects include super increased energy, extreme randomness, and high heart rate.
DUDE, i'm feelin' tired. let's make some Go-Go Juice!
by Ghost Singer January 21, 2012
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The controversial mixture that Honey Boo Boo Child drinks on the TLC show "Toddlers & Tiaras". A blend of Mountain Dew and Red Bull.
That Go-Go Juice that Honey Boo-Boo drinks is DISGUSTING.
by Xun2000 December 16, 2012
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1) Alcohol (most common)

2) Gasoline (to be understood use it clearly)

3) An energy drink (never use it in reference to this, people will think you’re referring to alcohol)
Matt: Yo yo! I’m goin to tizzy to scroltch some go-go juice, full throttle. If you want me to snag you some 12 oz curls you gotta gimme that mad mozzarella.
by A. Quick August 23, 2007
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Petrol or deisel, depending on which one your car runs on. In rip-off England it costs about 92p per litre.. when it only costs about 20p for the petrol itself, the rest is tax which goes into some lazy MP's back pocket.
Man 1: Gissa lift to da station homey,
Man 2: Nah blood, got no go-go juice
by man98763 February 08, 2006
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A slang term for the Glaceau companie's "Vitamin Water Zero Go-Go Mixed Berry" brand flavored water product. It is a zero calorie beverage flavored with stevia and the juice of mixed berries. It is fucking amazing. Glaceau is owned by the Coca Cola Corporation.
"Hey, who drank my go go juice?"
by Murdoch2555 May 05, 2010
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