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"shut up" "screw you" "eat shit" "stupid" "jackass" "idiot" "moron" The phrase is used or can be used in lieu of a bad word or insult. The phrase can also be used in situations where you don't want to directly insult someone but want to express a feeling of annoyance or discontent..
Your sister asks to borrow your sweater. You know she will never return it. You simply respond with the phrase "go buy it." meaning hell no!

Someone comes up to you and tells you that you did a poor parking can simply reply with the phrase "go buy it." Meaning F-off or F-You.

A co-worker is telling everyone in the office how he/she received the best overall evaluation score. You are annoyed at their tone of voice or insinuation that you aren’t as good. You can simply say "go buy it."
by gobuyit April 14, 2009
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