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To go train is to eat with a deadly purpose, like a train when it speeds past a railroad crossing. All the little people surrounding the eater, like little cars at the crossing, best get out of the way. Nothing stops this train... Besides an empty refrigerator.
Roommate: "Hey! Want to go out to eat? I'm starving!"

TrainRoomie: " I wish I had known. I just went train on the ice cream. I'm not at all hungry. Look at this food baby."

Roommate: "That's okay. I'll just go pick something up then."

TrainRoomie: "Will you pick up some more Ben & Jerry's while you are out? I promise not to go train on it this time."

Roommate: "I'll buy a lot. Tomorrow we can go train together."
by Seems legit June 16, 2013
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GO (aka: Government of Ontario Transit) is the commuter agency responsible for some regional intercity bus lines and a Greater Toronto area commuter train service. Trains run from Oshawa, an eastern satilite city to as far as Hamilton, in the southwest corner of Lake Ontario.
I took the GO train this morning, and I'm still late for work!
by G.H. Hadden May 03, 2005
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