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An individual who is utterly convinced that Glocks are the end-all-be-all of pistols. Will go on endlessly about how great Glock is, despite the fact that Glocks are cheaply-made, have terrible ergonomics, and will break and wear out much faster than they want to believe. Will turn into a complete asshole when presented with evidence that a 1911, SiG, H&K, Cz, or other weapon outperforms a Glock in any possible way. Very frequently found among (but not limited to) cops who never shot a pistol before being issued a Glock and have never or rarely shot anything else. Tend to get very embarrassed when they try out a non-Glock pistol and find that it's easier, more accurate, and more comfortable to shoot, and thus will often refuse to shoot something else when offered the chance.

Note: owning a Glock or liking Glocks does not make one a glocktard. To qualify as a glocktard, they must be downright GAY for black Tupperware guns and insistent that anybody who's not like them is a moron. Compare with SiGsucker, HKfag. Contrast with 1911 nut.
Guy 1: "That asshole won't shut up about his gay little Glock."
Guy 2: "I know. His shot groups are all over the place with that thing. I just kicked his ass with my 1911 at 25 yards, but he says my gun's a piece of shit."
Guy 1: "I outshot him with my XD, too, and he says we're retards and he's an expert."
Guy 2: "God, I fucking hate glocktard a!"
by yt45 November 14, 2014
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Someone who needs to be shot multiple times with a glock due to their stupidity.
The outcasts are glocktards lets go blast those fools!
by Lavender Owl September 25, 2013
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