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Glitterwhore (Glitter-whore) is the female version of a "bro". A glitterwhore is easily recognized for wearing combination of Victoria Secret "Pink", yoga pants, boots, black hair, and possibly (but not always) Hollister. usually unnecessarily tan, she listens to Glitterwhore Rock like Lady Gaga, Kesha, Katy Perry, etc. very very loudly.
"Hey bro, check out those Glitterwhores coming out of the tanning salon, I bet they'll come to my frat party tonight..."
"Yeah there is a Glitterwhore that lives next door and she has her obnouxous music on 24-7..."
by ALionLikeYou November 10, 2011
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Whore who wears glitter to mark her territory and conquests; causes victims to get into trouble with wives and girlfriends
That glitter whore just marked me, I'm gonna be in so much trouble when I get home
by bmacl January 01, 2012
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A female young or old that has a fascination with things that sparkle, twinkle, and shine. They are often seen wearing lots of jewelry that sparkle, and having glittery accessories for just about everything. Heavily decorated with eye catching gems, jewels, rhinestones, and previously mentioned glitter.
Whoa! Did you see that girl wearing all those rhinestones and sequins?

Yeah she seems to be a glitter whore...
by SilverNightmareFiend September 16, 2014
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a psycho who makes up names for herself and others and this is just one of those names. someone who is high and believes he/she is covered in glitter
oh man! youre the fucking glitter whore of glitter!

oh shit. why am i covered in glitterrrrrr. man im tellin ya, im so fucking highhhh
by chocolatecupcakes=boombas January 01, 2012
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