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A glamours emo person usually defined by bold modern eyeglasses in dark shades of black and brown.
You look really glemo today!!
by Angela Parra-Samra February 10, 2009
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An emo, but with better taste in clothes, and in music.
Not totally emo, like full on, but likes the general fashion, music, attidues, values and ideas.
Mostly girls are Glemo, but hetrosexual guys who want to be emo, but not wear all the emo clothes do this.
Sometimes girls who just love black clothes and skull-like icons are glemo.
Evanescence is a band with Glemo taste.
they wear dresses. big nice earrings, but also black nails and gennerally dark clothes.
they're music is a favourate for Glemo's, since it is sorta posh, but its also related to the Glemo's emotions.
by The newest Glemo September 23, 2007
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A word used for those complete douche bags who arent really mad at the world, or dont really have any problems with the world, but just for the sake of being douche bags, they decide to take up an image that really isnt expressive of their lifestyle, but want to come off as some type dark, mysterious person
Man, that kid is a total glemo... what a doughebag!
by e-diggs May 09, 2008
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