The biggest maverick in all of the world. Most likely the beastliest beast of all the beasts. No women can resist his abnormally large biseps. Lets just say that any opponent that wishes to fuck with the glasson is no match for his manly qualities.
Girl 1: Oh look! Its Glasson!
girl 2: Hes way out of our league..
girl 1: Yeah if only i could get with a guy like glasson!
girl 2: yeah! we wish...
by 420slayer July 1, 2017
Alongside Hannahs, Hellensteins - A Horrible Female Clothing Store where clothes that nobody would be caught dead wearing in Iran, Pakistan or Palentine are sold, Customers and Staff are referred to by the Aotearoa Revolutionary Brigades as Scum, Slappers, Prostitutes, Whores, Bitches, Preps, Skanks and oughta be stoned to death or tied to the back of a pick-up truck at WestpacTrsut stadium and driven around the stadium at hight speed until they expire and Every Single Glassons store in the entire country be burnt down or bombed by a suicide bomber - regardless of weather or not staff/customers are inside or outside the store
Glassons = The Whorehouse and Great Satan of the South Pacific
by Brother Number One October 21, 2003
The best village in Ireland, by far. Atrractions include going to spollens and drinking in grogans. Theres also the golf club for posh people. The chalets is widely known as the best place for steak in the Midlands. A notable person from Glasson is Kathleen Farrell, for a being an absolute beasht of a Junior Infants teacher. If you spell it Glassan you're just wrong.
Guy 1: Did you know Glasson is the best village in Ireland?

Guy 2: Of course I knew that, everyone knows that.
by Tadam Bemple January 10, 2020