A cunt who disowns his heritage and changing his name from "George" or "Jorge" to Gjorg. Often there is a huge deficit in self-esteem and to make up for it Gjorg will make terrible jokes that only had to the aura of retardation that surrounds him. This "man" is often seen a piece of shit and needs to boast about a non-existent intellect. No one likes him.
Person 1: You know Gjorg?
Person 2: Yeah, he's a cunt.

Person 3: Yeah...
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Gjorge is the Macedonian form of George. The name is commonly given to boys who are projected to be over 6 feet tall and will go to Ivy League schools such as Yale.

Gjorges are typically handsome and charming. Their personalities are particularly attractive to American or Serbian girls. Their infectious smiles have also been found to cause blushing in Asian women, also known as the Asian Blush. In the rare cases when a Gjorge meets an Asian, American or Serbian female, the girl suffers from a massive addiction to the Macedonian and the following side effects:

1) Altered mental state - almost euphoric state of happiness; ignorant of all else going on around her

2) Attention disorder - inability to concentrate on anything other than the Gjorge

3) Paranoia - fear that the Gjorge may not call within every 3 hours

4) Insomnia - Lack of sleep because any spare hour is spent on Gjorge

5) Impatience - constant desire and urge to see the Gjorge

Gjorges are also known for organizing great dates and their ability to sweep women off their feet. If you are looking to catch a Gjorge, you must execute perfect timing to lure them out. Be direct and forceful to get them to commit to another meeting and continue the process until the Gjorge adapts to this repetitive behavior and reciprocates your feelings.

The long term effects of Gjorges are not yet known. However a study is underway to learn more about this phenomenon.
"Oh my god, I've fallen for this guy! His name is Gjorge."

"I just had the best date ever with this guy Gjorge."

"I can't wait until I can see Gjorge."

If boy = "Gjorge"

Then girl = "happy"

Else girl = "sad"

"Gjorge, I'm all yours."
by Unknown120987 January 5, 2017
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