Masculine, Albanian form of John. Derived from Hebrew.
Meaning: Gift from God, Hope. Also known as a Sex God. Gjon is a strong male, with definitive practices. Gjon has strong values & morals. Gjon is also a ladies man.

Pronounced: XHAN or JHAN.
Gjon rocks the socks.

Gjon pummeled his girlfriend in bed.

Gjon is the man.

Gjon has a great heart.

Gjon has no shame in his game.

Gjon is a God
by heyaw February 4, 2010
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lovely guy with perfect french accent and curly hair.he took the third place in eurovision 2021 and won thousands hearts.the cutest 22 years old teenager with kind heart and obsession with chocolate.the man who brought ikea furniture to Eurovision and dresses the curtain on turquoise carpet.he kills everybody his high notes and loves Switzerland and its flag.literally the best.
gjon's tears is the best artist in the world
by ovsyanka May 30, 2021
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