When one guy (flogging the dolphin) walks into a room with one or more people in it (not flogging the dolphin, well maybe) and asks for a sock, but blows his load before getting it.
I was thinking about giving flowers to dave today, in his face.
by Marisssa Taylor June 25, 2008
May 5th is National Give a Boy Flowers Day! Make sure to give your boyfriend, best friend, homies or even your dad flowers!
Kyle: why are you giving me flowers?
Alexa: it’s national give a boy flowers day!
by Pickled_cucumbers April 29, 2021
20th May

Give that special girl the love she deserves

Get her the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers and the biggest box of chocolates your eyes have ever seen

70%of women have probably never had flowers or chocolates so prove to yo lady that she's your one and only
Give your girlfriend flowers day
Get out if bed and get it her now
by Luckygirlscharm06 May 20, 2021
Give the loved one of yours flowers. September 24th is National Give your Girlfriend Flowers Day.
Buy her flowers and appreciate the moment. National Give your Girlfriend Flowers Day
by Ptr094 September 24, 2022