Became popular after the Chili Peppers song "Give it away".

1) To pass on a gift that you absolutley despise instead of just throwing the shit out.

2) In reference to a girls virginity. There comes a time in every girls life when shes gotta give it up. We call it giving it away.
1) Dilon: I hate this fucking crack pot poster!

Kogod: Shit man, just give it away.

2) Mike: I'm gonna make Sandra give it up.

Doug: You mean give it away? Yea of course you meant that.
by Sean Karabekir May 11, 2006
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When you reach a point in your spiritual life of "give it away" meaning pass on that knowledge to your family and friends on order to lead them to the source.

* what I got you gotta give it to ya momma, daughter, Father, etc*
by Toy Worthy September 27, 2020
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a sweet song by rhcp that was a hit on their cd blood sugar sex magik
or to give something away
Give it away , give it away give it away now
cant tell if im a kingpin or a pauper
by RedHotChiliFan May 29, 2006
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Fans of Crouton on wattpad will know this is slang for eating someone out.
Y/N: You have hamster pube hair!
Tsukki: im going to give you away.
Y/N: Again? 😏
by tøöth March 15, 2021
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An imaginary store like a Goodwill where hand-me-down items can be bought so for so cheap, it's like the proprietor of the business is giving the stuff away. The phrase is used by school kids in L.A. to make fun of the possessions of poorer students, who may wear used or non name brand clothing and shoes. This may be attributed to parents who could not afford to buy nice shoes and/or apparel for their children.
Nice rags, did Poncho's Give-Away have a half-off sale today?
by David R. July 11, 2006
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A term used when someone has lost their virginity or gives their virginity to someone.

Not to be confused with having a cow or someone being a cow.
Esmeralda:"So do you think it's a bit soon for the third date?"
Friend:"Don't give away the cow Esmeralda!"

Michael:"Duuude I gave away the cow last night..."

Amelia:"I'm pure so my cow will stay in the barn until I am 45/married"

by Jen-zed September 1, 2009
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It's an expression one uses if a place is overly crowded.
(Mcdonald's is overly crowded at lunch)

Gary : Why is it so damn crowded in here man.
Brandon: It's cuz They're Giving away titties today.
by Big B 70 October 16, 2008
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