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(pronounced: Jee-vah)

A hybid of gangster and diva.
Her pubes were shaved to spell THUG LIFE and that's when I realized she was definitively a Giva.
by poncho the head honcho November 18, 2010
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(noun); pronounced like 'g' in gum: Gah-EE-va;
1. A gay diva. 2. A non-conventional individual who appreciates fine material possessions, styles, and tastes. 3. A non-conformist who exudes glamour.
e.g., My best friend is such a giva; his advice is spot-on in every genre I've asked about.
by DV8nCrE8 February 09, 2017
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Some word that the guy who goes by the name of "Mishon" on seems to think is a word and for some reason he also believes it will be submitted to Pshh.
'well it is now. soo to be added to Urban Dictionary'

I dont giva shit
by THiNKFiRE September 06, 2003
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