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Giuls is generally a young, beautiful girl, who is a boy magnet. But never a whore. She may sometimes be a stripper, but hardl ever. If you know a Giuls that is a stipper (or anything bad for that matter,) slap her across the fae, lightly, ans simply tell he to stop. She will stop whatever she is doing, and go back to being your best friend.
Usually, she is a goth or punk. (In good terms.)
None needed. A Giuls is generally too nice.
by Cressida Du Coudray November 28, 2007
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Some over dramatic forien girl who some guy dates and then gets made fun of. Usually in plays and thinks she's gonna be a star. Also a good stripper name.
Oh god! You dated Giuls???
by Giuls!!!@ November 27, 2007
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