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This terms refers to either penis size or horse riding. to either mean:

1) A penis that is lacking girth also known as a skinny cock or pencil dick hence making it worthless
2) Without a girth, or strap for a saddle
Nicole: Xander has such a mawga buddy, it's so skinny & thin that I don't even have to stretch my mouth to blow him or use my entire hand to give him a handjob, i just need two fingers

Alicia: Wow, couple of months ago we were bragging about the fat cocky that your ex Stao has and now you're deep in the pencil dick struggle with this new boo.

Nicole: Sigh, I can't win, Xander's so handsome and muscular and tall but then you look below the waist and he's completely girthless. And then Stao was so ugly but his thick cock stretched me out and filled me up so good. Well at least Xander is good with his tongue and can eat pussy like no other. hopefully all that cornmeal porridge he eats will lead to some more girth
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