Buffalax's "translation" of the Tamil word "Golimar". A mondegreen.
"Girly man! Girly ma-a-a-aaaaaan! Gosh my old calculator ain't got no bow!" (Indian Thriller)
by .NetRolller 3D November 11, 2008
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A man who is cowardly or pathetic. Coined "Girly" because he is not acting macho.
Dave might seem tough but he is nothing but a girly man.
by Faqa U February 10, 2006
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Plural form of girly man. Used often when making fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger, this term is used to describe a man who appears to be weaker than you (esp. in physical strength). Usually said with a thick accent.
You can't do that weight, (with thick accent) you pathetic girly men.
by Jr. August 09, 2004
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