A anime/gacha game that features a lot of waifus named after real life firearms.
Me: Yeah, why?
Weeb: SO UR A WEEB!?
Me: No, I just play it so I can learn more firearm names so I can study them.
by Fighting_Remnant April 1, 2020
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A gacha game craeted by a Shanghai-based company. Its contents include T-Dolls, Enemy Units and Special T-Dolls. You fight as the Commander to support the army of Griffin & Kryuger troops against the Sangvis troops to avenge other T-Dolls. There are many costumes in this game for your T-Dolls. It also has an anime adaptation. The T-Dolls are named after all the IRL firearms in this world.
Guy 1: Girls' Frontline is literally destroying my social life!

Guy 2: That's... great, actually.
by LaserImouto February 22, 2022
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Girls' Frontline(少女前線) is a mobile game that can dating,dressing,building,and collect your T-Doll (Gun's
personification ). Created by Mica Teams(雲母組),Of course look like Kantai Collection.
2 guys are playing Girls' Frontline.

Person 1: HOLY CRAP!!!! I crafted Lee-Enfield !!!!
Person 2: OMG ! You are so lucky.
by Mr.Alde January 29, 2018
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A game that real-life firearm becomes waifu, the guns included 18th century firearms to modern firearms. The game story is very depressing, suggest to play if you wanna get PTSD
Friends: Why do you play Girls' Frontline?
Me: Because this game has firearms waifu and depressing story.
by DelaYwastaken November 20, 2021
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