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Girls' Frontline(少女前線) is a mobile game that can dating,dressing,building,and collect your T-Doll (Gun's
personification ). Created by Mica Teams(雲母組),Of course look like Kantai Collection.
2 guys are playing Girls' Frontline.

Person 1: HOLY CRAP!!!! I crafted Lee-Enfield !!!!
Person 2: OMG ! You are so lucky.
by Mr.Alde January 29, 2018
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This is quite dirty word in Taiwan
Chinese :靠北(Cao Bei)
Taiwanese : 哭爸
Can mean:
1.Purely bad language, no malice.
2.You are just being sh*tty.
3.You are so noisy.
same mean as 靠夭(Cao Yao) and 靠(Cao)
1.靠北喔!! (no meaning.)
2.你是在靠夭、靠北 (You are just Noisy!)
3.靠!我忘了(Sh*t!! I forgot.)
by Mr.Alde December 13, 2017
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