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An amazing British girl group, that despite coming from a reality show and having numerous haters, have released four studio albums and a greatest hits. Have had three #1's and hold the record for the 'Most Top 10 Singles By A Girl Group' in the United Kingdom.
Girls Aloud are well good, have you heard their new album yet?
by BambooBanga November 24, 2007
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British girl group. Formed on Popstars: The Rivals (kind of like american/british Idol). Manufactured pop, but the decent kind. Sometimes the lyrics don't make sense, but they are all amazingly talented. Their music is fun to listen to if you like pop. If you don't, then whatever. They're like the newer Spice Girls.
Person 1: Whatcha listening to?
Person 2: Girls Aloud
Person 1: Sweet, can I listen?
Person 2: Sure.
by iheartumuch December 16, 2007
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A massively succesful girl group with the Guinness World Record for most consecutive top ten hits and most successful reality TV band. Also amazingly pretty and down-to-earth. Just 5 gorgeous girlies.
Girls Aloud are the best girl band in the UK.
by NadolaNess January 17, 2008
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Gorgeous, talented and the biggest British girl band around at the moment. They are love.
Kimberley has the mighty fine ass, Nadine has the vocal talent, Cheryl has the fantastic breasts, Nicola has the attitude and Sarah has the sexiness. Not to mention they're all stunners, thank you please
by Claudia August 05, 2004
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More manufactured pop (what's new?), but at least with some talent (they can all sing... a bit).

Kimberley Walsh has a very nice arse it must be said. The rest are average at best.
I have no idea why I just spent some valuable time typing this.
by Glen August 04, 2004
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stupid manufactured bubblegum pop group. Complete wannabes who cant sing and like to diss other bands and other singers. Complete chavs, rely on their looks to sell records, and even dissed a show identical to the one they were created on, they are fame base consists mainly of ten year olds. They dont write their own songs, it would be a blessing if they were shot into space and never seen or heard of ever again....
randomer: You going to the girls aloud concert then?
randomer 2: I would rather eat my own feaces than listen to a scrawny group of chavs trying to lip sync to a 'song' whilst getting it on with some chairs
randomer: I guess your right....
by moonylunar December 21, 2005
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