girlboss can be anyone, and is not exclusive to girls. girlbosses are often people who are extremely based and overflowing w grace and finesse n can/will dominate you
go girlboss!! fuck them men!!
by deez_nuts_certified_luvr February 2, 2022
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A girlboss is someone who does something great and powerful that happens to be a girlboss
Taylor swift coming out with taylors version is such a girlboss move
by Nattalieeelovestayloe February 7, 2022
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A spin off of “fleabag era” - characterized by becoming productive and doing “girlboss” type things, typically used by people who are going through a manic episode and wishing to turn their life around and posting this change in their on their tiktok. This “girlboss era” will likely end in about a week when they burn out.
Mentally ill teenager -“Im done with my fleabag era, my girlboss era is here”
*1 week later*

Mentally ill teenager - “Guys im done being a girlboss, my fleabag era is back”
by _xXC0CK_D357R0Y3RXx_ November 30, 2021
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Verb: To steal other’s ideas and use them as his or her own.

Theft, burglary
It’s called girlbossing Sam. Get with it!
by WhatMIdoing? January 13, 2022
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A girlbossing is someone being hot, sexy, and beautiful to the point that they’ve ascended to the realm of girlbossing they’re on a higher level and slay everyday and when they’re not slaying they’ll get back to it in an instant or will work to get better
Oh my gosh! Are you okay rose? You need to get up and start girlbossing got it girl?!
by GOURDEY April 25, 2022
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When you decide to eat soup and watch the Hunger Games movies
Wow Kylie is totally girlbossing right now
by January 23, 2022
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it's this perfect ho called @random_emo_jerk on ig and tik tok and no you cannot claim the hashtag if u aint her.
person a: dam bro she's such a #girlboss
person b: nah, thats @random_emo_jerk

person a: right sorry🙏🙏
by oswals December 8, 2021
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