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It is a name of a person in India. "Gireesh" is a common name for many Indians.Some part of India it is been spelled as "Girish" too. It is a combination of two sanskrit words called "Giri" (means Mountain) and "Ishan" (means God). So the literal meaning of "Gireesh" is god of all mountains. This could be interpreted as "Shiva" ( a mythological Hindu god who lives in top of Mountains) or the Mountain of all mountains which is Himalayas.
Gireesh Kesavan
by Karukayil August 04, 2003
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A term commonly referring to people with extremely bad eyesight resulting in utter cluelessness. It can also mean the blind one.
Kid: Hey Gireesh, what time is it?
Gireesh: Uhhh... I dunno, there's glare on the clock
Kid: No you're just a Gireesh
by Betati May 20, 2010
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one who is overly egotistical and bull-headed
Jimmy was acting like a gireesh today when he claimed that nobody could be cooler than him.
by Asita February 05, 2007
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Characterized by his/her likelyhood to slam into objects or people with a surprisingly high frequency, a gireesh is anyone that is illegally blind. This means that the person cannot see more than two micrometers in front of of his/her face and has not been certified as blind by the United States Association of the Legally Blind (USALB).
Eye Doctor: I'm afraid that you won't be seeing me after this operation.
Gireesh: Are you serious? This is a miracle! I'll be cured!
Eye Doctor: Actually, you won't be seeing anyone after this operation, but you're probably acustomed to that by now. Look at the bright side, oh wait, you can't see the light.
by I can't see you May 25, 2010
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