an affectionate nickname given to a friend who has red hair.
"I really hope that Gingy will join us on our ski trip. I enjoy his presence."
by Sirius Listener April 1, 2010
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A word used between red heads to address each-other, sorta like how african americans use the "N" word but just between gingers instead.
Guy1: Gingy!, hows the familly??
Guy2: Horriable my gingy, they got shot for having red hair.
by King of the Blumpkins July 31, 2009
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Affectionate nickname for someone named Ginger.

Gingy's are sweet, kind, and insanely adorable.

No two Gingy's are exactly alike!
"I love me some Gingy! She is too cute!"

"I love me some Gingy! She cracks me up!"
by Mohandish August 25, 2011
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Gingy is basically a sweeter way to call GIgner.

Ginger is the craziest bitch on planet Earth...
I dont know how is it gonna come along.. I know this is dumb..

I know we have a lot of issues which me and u have no controls on. A very bleak future.. A wrong time for me to enter in your life. But you and I both know that feeling hai.. Love Hai.. True hai.. Cute HAi.. understanding Hai.. space hai.. Hmmm so is it the rite time for me to ask you out..

Gingy will you be my girl friend??

Can v change the probability to surety :)

by LoverBoy PUP November 8, 2010
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Awww, dude, quit being such a Gingy, we're in a fancy restaurant!
by FurryFanFTW May 5, 2010
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Another word for commonly used term "Ginger" to describe a Redhead.
Me - "Hey Tito"
Tito - "What?"
Me - "Did you know Gingy's have no soul"
Tito - Crazy.....Nice....
by RBtheone April 10, 2013
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